A Spin Lesson – Multiple Spin Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives one of her skaters a spin lesson.  Sometimes it can be helpful for coaches and skaters to see how other coaches give lessons.  Some of the information in these kinds of lessons is universal in that it applies to many situations for large numbers of skaters.

Here Charyl begins the lesson with forward upright scratch spin.  It is common to begin a spin lesson this way as this (or the backspin) can help a skater get into “spin mode” and focus on the entrance edge and centering.  She offers advice to this skater to hold the entry edge position longer and she works on the initial open spin position.  Notice the tips to “feel like you’re grabbing a tree” to explain the arm movement when starting to pull in.  On the scratch spin, Charyl wants the hands to press down over the skating thigh (not in the center).

Next Charyl moves to the upright backspin and then the forward sit spin.  She notes that the skater has a harder time doing a nice sit spin because she has long legs.  For the transition from the sit to the upright spin, Charyl says, “when you come up, it’s one spin with 2 positions…  try to keep the pressure on the front of your blade the whole time as you’re coming up.”  This is a very common issue.  The next spin attempt is the forward camel, forward sit, into upright scratch.  After the spin Charyl works with the skater at the boards on the desired camel position.  Free foot turned out, hips stacked, back arched, more open arms, etc.  The next attempts had entrance problems.

The final spin was the forward camel, forward sit, into back scratch spin.  The valuable take-away is Charyl’s comment during the spin “you stepped to far out” meaning that the skater did not step back into her wind-up circle.


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