Simulated Post-Jump/Spin Speed Drill (Kate Charbonneau)

Figure skating coach Kate Charbonneau teaches an exercise that simulates the situation where a skater lands a jump or finishes a spin and then needs to gain speed quickly and control that speed with another element or skill. To start this exercise, the skater pushes back into a landing position at the center near the end of the rink (typical jump landing location). Next the skater pushes to forward and then does rapid forward crossovers to gain speed, before performing a forward outside rocker at the rink main center axis, followed by powerful back crossovers. At this maximum speed, the skater then steps forward into a forward outside spiral.

Kate explains that the biggest challenge for most skaters is controlling the spiral. But control of the rocker can also be challenging for many. Kate offers tips for “gathering” the feet underneath to help stabilize the spiral and also to allow for a powerful push directly after the rocker. One important tip is to pause briefly after stepping forward for the spiral before hitting the spiral position. This moment allows the skater to balance and prepare for a successful spiral at full speed. Kate says, “I would rather have them adjust to a higher speed than try to just keep control of that same speed throughout their skating.”


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