Off-Ice Upright Spins (Kate Charbonneau)

This is the first of three videos from Kate Charbonneau on her personal experience with off-ice spinning during the worldwide pandemic. Kate is using a Spinergy Spinboard and she emphasizes proper foot placement on the spinboard as critical to success, although she notes that other spinners may also work just as well with equivalent practice time. This first video focuses on upright spins and Kate discusses various tips that have helped her throughout the learning process.

Kate notes that she loves to spin on the ice, so mastering off-ice spinning is a natural progression. As a coach, she continues to demonstrate spins for her skaters. Kate echoes the forward foot position on the spinner and she’s also a big fan of Kim Ryan’s “skinny-V” position. She demonstrates the front scratch, back scratch, front eggbeater, back eggbeater, Y-spins, and I-spins (needle). She walks through each spin and shows us the movements and positions (including proper foot/ankle grabs). Notice the excellent stability of all positions and transistions at a standstill, which should be a goal for all skaters.

Also notice how Kate jumps off the board and hits a standard landing position after every attempt. This is different than the skinny-V stop that Kim Ryan teaches (touch free toe down with the free foot forward), but it highlights a way to get extra exit- or landing-position training in via 0ff-ice spinning.

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