The Snowman Crossover Exercise (Kate Charbonneau)

Figure skating coach Kate Charbonneau teaches a crossover exercise she calls “The Snowman” where skaters perform crossovers in 3 large circles down the ice. The skaters go around the circle one and half times each for the base and body of the snowman and just a little less than a full circle for the head. Kate has the skaters demonstrate the exercise with both forward and backward crossovers. The focus here is speed and power and extension.

Kate also shows a great teaching and warm-up exercise for backward crossovers. Similar to the repeating forward chassé on a circle exercises she showed in the previous video, this is simply repeating backward chassés on a circle with hands on the hips. Kate uses the hands on the hips to build awareness of proper hip placement throughout back crossovers as well as helping to build shoulder turn by pulling the leading elbow out of the circle.


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