Off-Ice Camel Spins (Kate Charbonneau)

This is the final of three videos from Kate Charbonneau on her personal experience with off-ice spinning during the worldwide pandemic. In the first video in this series Kate focused on some general concepts an then on upright off-ice spins. In the second video, Kate shared details of off-ice sit spin development.  (Kate is using a Spinergy Spinboard.) In this video, she discusses and demonstrates some camel spins.

Much like her comments on sit spins, she starts by noting that it takes a lot of practice and repetitions to get good at off-ice camel spins. She says, “When you are starting this camel spin, you have to practice it a thousand times, at least.” She recommends starting on a soft (bent) knee and both arms in front (forward camel). She then shows a walk-through of the forward camel and a back camel (shoulder presses against hip). Notice the strong upper body swiping motion to generate the necessary rotational energy for the forward camel, and also notice the reduced speed in the back camel due to the inability to create the same rotational energy.

Kate finishes with a discussion and demonstration of catch-foot camels. Bending the free leg prior to the catch modifies the spin balance, so it’s important to practice it a lot to master the transition.

All videos in this series: off-ice upright spins, off-ice sit spins, off-ice camel spins


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