Off-Ice Sit Spins (Kate Charbonneau)

This is the second of three videos from Kate Charbonneau on her personal experience with off-ice spinning during the worldwide pandemic. In the first video in this series Kate focuses on some general concepts an then on upright off-ice spins.  (Kate is using a Spinergy Spinboard.) In this video, she shares details of off-ice sit spin development. She notes it took a couple weeks to develop some proficiency, especially for back sit spins. One key tip is starting high in an intermediate sit spin position and then “getting it lower and lower.” Kate demonstrates basic forward and backward sit spins, as well as a cannonball into a turtle (forward sit spin variations) and a pancake (back spin sit spin variation). The real value in this video is the demonstration of the skills for others to model.

All videos in this series: off-ice upright spins, off-ice sit spins, off-ice camel spins


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