Side Layback and Transition to Square Layback (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch offers insights regarding the side layback, and how to properly transition to the square or back layback position. She has the help of two talented advanced level skaters so we can observe how different skaters create these spins.

Charyl takes a moment to explain how she teaches skaters to get into a side layback from a standard upright scratch spin. This is how she explains it: “I start like a regular upright spin just to get it started, and as they go to their side layback I have them leave their free leg where it is, and they’re going to pivot away from it. The free leg is straight, and the body is still arched back but it’s angled from the shoulders.” Charyl makes a point of keeping the head behind the shoulders, and the tip she suggests to help with this is simply to have skaters look at their free leg.  She says, “If they can see their foot they’re pretty much going to be at an angle backwards.” She uses a variety of arm positions with her skaters. The demonstrations and Charyl’s commentary are helpful to understand what she is talking about.

When going from a side layback to a square or back layback, Charyl emphasizes the need to move directly into the new position without coming up. The demonstrating skaters are doing a haircutter variation which helps many skaters to stay down during the transition. Charyl discusses 2 common problems (skating shoulder too high and hips not pressing forward) and offers solutions. She also notes the importance of keeping the spin in the same spot on the blade during transition and throughout both spin positions.


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