Layback Spin Lesson & Starting Biellmann Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives one of her skaters a layhback spin lesson, which includes the skater’s first attempts at a Beillmann spin.  Throughout the video, Charyl shares tips and tricks for laybacks, side laybacks, the haircutter variation, and the Beillmann.

In the layback, notice the focus on the free leg and hip position.  Charyl wants a straight skating leg and the belly button forward and square (tip = belly button lining up with the left hip).  The free foot should stay “flat” or sideways to the ice (tip = don’t point the toes).

In the side layback, Charyl doesn’t like how the skater slowly presses the skating hand up and would prefer one quick motion.  She puts the skater in the desired position (tip = look back and down) and explains how to initiate the side layback (tip = turn away from the free leg).

For the haircutter, Charyl asks for more spin speed since the skater starts with a side layback before doing the haircutter.  And finally, Charyl teaches the Biellmann and the skater tries one for the first time.


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