Seminar Exercises – Part 3 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger teaches at one of her Grassroots to Champions seminars several years ago.  The information in this series is as valid and useful today as it was when it was recorded.  These drills are intended to challenge the skaters in a seminar setting and address deficiencies in fundamental technique.  Make sure to watch the exercises from Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

In this video, Audrey challenges the skaters to use unusual jump entries for single and double flip.  The first exercise is just single flip with the arms in frame, landed in the “alignment position” (with the arms remaining in frame). Audrey pauses to discuss the need for “focused attention” when trying something new. The next exercise is double flip with a regular landing with arms in a frame. Audrey takes a moment to explain why it’s so valuable to be “versatile” and be able to use a variety of jump entrances.

The next exercise is back outside three turn, mohawk, double flip. Audrey notes that this entrance can help skaters who have an unwanted outside edge on their flip jump. The next exercise is a split jump followed by a forward landing, forward inside double three, forward inside mohawk, double flip. The next exercise is forward outside 3-turn, back inside 3-turn, forward outside three turn followed by a double flip.

Audrey says,”If I asked you to do a jump from something that’s an unusual preparation for you and you can’t do it at all, it means to me you have a flaw in your technique.” The final exercise is a double flip from just a back crossover (no turns!).


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