Seminar Exercises – Part 2 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger teaches at one of her Grassroots to Champions seminars several years ago.  The information in this series is as valid and useful today as it was when it was recorded.  These drills are intended to challenge the skaters in a seminar setting and address deficiencies in fundamental technique.  Make sure to watch the exercises from Part 1 here.

In this video, Audrey asks the class to do a double loop, single loop, backspin with the arms in a modified “frame” position where the skater holds the chin with the axis side hand.  This is a challenging drill and is particularly useful for skaters with head control issues.  Audrey takes a moment to discuss why double loops in combination are so important. She says, “Typically, if people have good double loop combinations, it’s because they have good control over the edge and they can keep their head under control.”

Next Audrey offers an extremely challenging exercise.  From a forward inside edge on the non-jumping foot, hop to a back outside edge on the axis side, into single, double, or triple loop.  One tips Audrey notes is, “You’ll notice I’m looking hard right (axis direction).”  She then shares a story about how Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek mastered this drill.  She also discussed how she would set aside one day a week for toe loop combinations and one day a week for loop jump combinations at her home rink.  Notice how Audrey returns to solo jumps in frame as a way to regain control after the ensuing attempts get out of control.


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