Seminar Exercises – Part 1 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger teaches at one of her Grassroots to Champions seminars several years ago.  The information in this series is as valid and useful today as it was when it was recorded.  These drills are intended to challenge the skaters in a seminar setting and address deficiencies in fundamental technique.

To begin, Audrey has the class stroke around the rink, demonstrating “championship stroking.”  To improve their focus on this ‘mundane’ exercise, she adds, “Skate as if your favorite skater is watching you.”  This simple exercise allows Audrey to assess the skill level of the class, and the skaters get a chance to warm up.  Next, Audrey has each skater do an axel, with a strong held landing position.  To challenge them, she then has them do another axel where she asks them to “jump, rotate, and land in a frame.”  Audrey continues with the “ultimate drill for control” as she calls it.  She asks for the jump in frame again, then after holding the landing in frame, open the arms and perform a back outside bracket on the landing foot.

Then Audrey switches to the loop jump and she begins by discussing the idea of head control (or head anchoring).  She uses a modified frame position where one hand is supporting or anchoring the chin to prevent head pre-rotation.

Notice the “life lesson” at the end of this video.  Great insight from an Olympic coach.


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