Mazurka Jump (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger explains what a mazurka is and how to do one.  A mazurka is a basic skill that is useful in the development process for jumps such as the toe loop.  Audrey begins by explaining the origin of the word “mazurka” (a historic dance) and she offers all kinds of funny words her skaters mistakenly called it over the years.

Audrey demonstrates a mazurka and offers a number of helpful tips.  She says, “What you want the skater to do is maintain the shoulder position so that the shoulders and the hips stay lined up.”  In the learning stages, Audrey recommends putting the arms in a “hoop” position in order to prevent them from getting out of control.  This also allows the skater to focus on what’s happening at the feet and the rest of the body.  The “hoop” should stay in front of the right hip (for CCW jumpers).

After the skater masters this jump in the hoop position, Audrey offers a number of other options for the arms.  She focuses on keeping the jump straight and under control on landing and offers tips to accomplish this.

Audrey mentions the incredible mazurka’s performed by 1956 Olympic Champion Tenley Albright. Check one out here (at 1:55 in video).


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