Figure Skating Flip Jump Entrance Options (Audrey Weisiger)

Audrey Weisiger discusses the flip jump and offers some insights about the jump and two entrances that almost guarantee the inside edge prior to take-off.  To help skaters to develop the proper feeling of coming off an inside edge, Audrey recommends using lots of different entries.

She starts with the back cross-over entry to the flip.  It is likely that most coaches and skaters have never even seen or thought of this entry.   Audrey takes a moment to discuss the details of the jump.  Audrey says, “As the pick is going in the ice, the feet are coming together and the knees are both coming down.”  Audrey also addresses arm movement.  She likes the use of frame and hoop for arm positions and she notes that neat and narrow arms are important for double and triple development.

Audrey has the demonstrator jump at the camera.  She then discusses some of the details of the tracing.  Notice that Audrey promotes a pivot on the toe pick.  She explains it as a quarter turn on the take-off.  [Video of elite skaters doing flip jumps shows that some skaters pivot a lot on their toe picks and some don’t pivot at all.] 

Another entry Audrey uses is the half loop into (single or double) flip.  Great demonstrations.  It’s harder than it looks…


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