Running a Remote Off-Ice Program – Part 2 (Lorie Charbonneau)

This is Part 2 of iCoachSkating founder Trevor Laak’s interview with International coach Lorie Charbonneau about the remote off-ice program she has set up for her skaters and coaches during the coronavirus lockdown. International coach Chris Conte who is part of Lorie’s team also offers insights during this chat.

Proactive coaches like Lorie and Chris are actively engaging with their skaters, trying to maintain basic schedules, offering a range of relevant instruction, and providing some normalcy in the coach-skater relationship. Coaches can learn a lot from Lorie’s approach during this trying time. (See Part 1 here.)

In this video, Lorie explains the value in having a schedule for both coaches and skaters. She also offers advice to coaches who are not as comfortable with rigorous schedules or who typically don’t do much off-ice training with their skaters. Lorie encourages all coaches to run their own remote off-ice classes. She says, “You coaches out there who have never done anything like this… try to dig into this and do some classes of your own. Your skaters want to see you. You’re their coach.” She then offers some advice on how to start. She also explains the goal of bringing skaters together so they still feel the sense of community that the used to get at the rink.

Lorie goes further and states, “I think our skaters are our responsibility. And if we want to keep them as students after COVID-19, then we want to make sure we’re with them during this journey.” She offers additional insights for coaches who are afraid to begin, or unsure if they can convince their skaters and skating families to participate. Chris also offers advice to keep skaters’ costs low to minimize that as an objection to training at this time. For maximum progress as well as the social connection, Lorie still recommends that skaters take at least some private lessons with their coaches during this time. Chris explains that part of the time he now spends in private lessons is helping the skaters organize their time and their schedules and training efforts, rather than simply providing technical feedback.

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