Running a Remote Off-Ice Program – Part 3 (Lorie Charbonneau)

This is Part 3 of iCoachSkating founder Trevor Laak’s interview with International coach Lorie Charbonneau about the remote off-ice program she has set up for her skaters and coaches during the coronavirus lockdown. International coach Chris Conte who is part of Lorie’s team also offers insights during this chat.

Proactive coaches like Lorie and Chris are actively engaging with their skaters, trying to maintain basic schedules, offering a range of relevant instruction, and providing some normalcy in the coach-skater relationship. Coaches can learn a lot from Lorie’s approach during this trying time. (See Part 1 here. See Part 2 here.)

In this video, Lorie explains how she arrived at the cost structure for the off-ice classes, with $5 for 30 minute classes and $10 for 60 minute classes. It’s a trade-off between simplicity, income for the coaches, and affordable options for skaters and skating families. For skaters who are part of their program, Lorie bills the skaters like usual but outside skaters typically pay in advance using Venmo. At the time this interview was recorded, Lorie was not charging coaches for sitting in and learning. Chris chimed in and noted that some coaches audit the class, then come back for future classes with their students.

Lorie emphasizes to coaches that this situation is an opportunity to build a stronger connection with their skaters. She says, “Make sure that you’re really committed to doing this. If you’re really committed… if you’re really passionate about it you’re going to be able to talk to your students’ parents and they’ll become really passionate about it as well.” Chris suggests a great way for coaches to think about it, which is coaches “have the same job, we’re just not going to the rink.”

To reach out to Lorie with questions or to request information about joining the classes, email her at:

Please respect her time and have patience if she is not able to reply immediately. Below the video is an example schedule from the week of March 30 – April 4. This schedule is constantly changing so reach out to Lorie for more details.

All videos in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


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