On-Ice Warm-Up Routine and Exercises (Kate Charbonneau)

Figure skating coach Kate Charbonneau shares an on-ice warm-up routine and additional warm-up exercises. Skaters can use this to warm-up the body and joints and build edge control, deeper knee bend, and range of motion prior to jumping and spinning.

Kate has her skaters start with a full lap on two feet with forward power swizzles with large arm circles. She then has them do slow tempo forward swizzles on two feet with full downward bend at the waist to full extension overhead, followed by the same exercise skating backward. For younger or less advanced skaters, Kate has them do two foot slaloms next, but her older and more advanced skaters go on to one foot power pulls with turns of the skater’s choice. This sequence finishes with what Kate calls a “victory lap” which consists of a circle of power crossovers followed by a presentation stretch.

Next, Kate has the skaters do forward outside cross strokes followed by backward outside cross strokes, then forward inside cross strokes, and backward inside cross strokes. Then she repeats the entire sequence, with full circles on one foot after every three strokes. The hardest part of the full circles is to check the shoulders against the hips for the entire circle. After the skater has control and balance, Kate focuses on making the exercise look beautiful. As she notes, this is a fun exercise for skaters to do together and try to match timing.


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