On-Ice Warm-Up Routine and Exercises – Part 2 (Kate Charbonneau)

Figure skating coach Kate Charbonneau continues her discussion of an on-ice warm-up routine and additional warm-up exercises that she covered in Part 1. In this video, she discusses the importance of pressing the shoulders against the hips (twisting). Skaters that can get good twist through the core as well as a strong knee bend with the knee out over the toe typically can control the backward outside edge at will. Kate explains the value of this for backward outside loops as well as choctaws.

Kate also makes a point of getting her skaters’ hips balanced. She recommends doing crossovers with both hands on the hips to feel them and keep them level. It’s common for skaters to develop strength unevenly, so nearly all skaters will exhibit hip alignment issues, which is commonly more noticeable on one side or the other.

As part of a full practice, Kate would have her skaters do this kind of on-ice warm-up followed by the footwork in their programs before moving on to spins and jumps. She also wants her skaters to present at the end of the warm-up exercises and continue to present throughout practice (spin exits and jump landings). Developing this presentation is important to being a poised skater. For skaters who do not feel comfortable with this kind of presentation throughout a practice, Kate reminds them to “become comfortable with the uncomfortable” as that is the fastest path to progress in skating. She also talks about the effort level she wants from her skaters throughout the warmup and throughout a practice, recognizing that every day is different for every skater.


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