Remote Off-Ice Video Jump Lesson – Part 6 (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna walks us through a remote off-ice video jump lesson. We can’t hear what Nick is saying to his skater, but he talks over the entire lesson with detailed information about what is going on. In Part 1, Nick had the skater warming up with a jump rope. In Part 2, he did some “special” walking warm up exercises. In Part 3, he explained the sprung-floor jumping platform his skater was using and began half turns. In Part 4 he did full turns and one foot landings, and in Part 5 he focused on axis with some turning hops in d-position.

In this video, Nick teaches a full general jump walk-through proceeding through h-position, d-position, eagle, and tick-tock (front tick, tock back) out staying forward with the body from the eagle onwards. The next exercise is the same but the skater slowly turns while hopping in the h-position and d-position but stops the rotation for the eagle onward. Nick makes a point of showing the free hip up, which is correct. Notice the skater’s alignment.

Next Nick discusses the desired arm position for optimal rotation. Nick no longer teaches the arms and hands twisted back toward the landing side as the desired air position. He says, “Now they’ve found that you get quicker rotation and a better air position if you pull them (arms/hands) into the center.” When properly done, the elbows should be down. Some skaters (i.e. Nathan Chen) use the “seatbelt” style arm position, which Nick also recommends.

After working on the arms, Nick has the skater do the same drill from the beginning but with a full rotation in the air. To prepare the skater rotates while hopping around in an h-position, then jumping into the air, hitting the d-position, and then the eagle position on landing followed by the tick-tock.

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