Remote Off-Ice Video Jump Lesson – Part 1 (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna walks us through a remote off-ice video jump lesson. We can’t hear what Nick is saying to his skater, but he talks over the entire lesson with detailed information about what is going on.

In this first video, Nick has the skater warm up by jumping rope on two feet, and he explains how he wants this done. He notes that he has the skater turn so he can see her form/technique on the video. Next he has the skater continue to jump rope, but now on one foot in the h-position. For those who may struggle with this at first, Nick recommends jumping without a rope but pretending to have one. Next he has the skater get into the d-position while jumping, trying to get the ankles to connect and stay connected throughout. The final part of the jump rope warm up is trying to go from h-position to d-position while jumping.

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