Remote Off-Ice Video Jump Lesson – Part 4 (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna walks us through a remote off-ice video jump lesson. We can’t hear what Nick is saying to his skater, but he talks over the entire lesson with detailed information about what is going on. In Part 1, Nick had the skater warming up with a jump rope. In Part 2, he did some “special” walking warm up exercises. In Part 3, he explained the sprung-floor jumping platform his skater was using and began half turns.

In this video, Nick continues the lesson with full turns, keeping the head anchored, the back straight, and the legs and arms under control. Notice how the front arm (non-axis arm) is bent and across in front. Nick says this is superior to a straight arm because “it’s a much more natural feeling as you go into the air, into that tubular rotational shape that you want” (desire air position).

Next, Nick has the skater do a full air turn, landing on one foot. He explains the landing sequence, where the free leg initially moves to the front, and then back into the final landing position. Note that the free leg is straight as the free foot moves forward. The upper body remains slightly forward throughout the landing. To learn to be comfortable with these positions, Nick has the skater simulate the entire movement without jumping and without rotation.

Note how similar this is to the landings described by Jeremy Allen. Nick also has the skater hop backwards on the landing foot with the free foot forward and the body and hands forward to “feel the balance and support you need” to be comfortable with the positions and dynamic movements.

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