Remote Off-Ice Video Jump Lesson – Part 2 (Nick Perna)

International coach and jump specialist Nick Perna walks us through a remote off-ice video jump lesson. We can’t hear what Nick is saying to his skater, but he talks over the entire lesson with detailed information about what is going on. In Part 1, Nick had the skater warming up with a jump rope.

In this video, Nick continues with warm-up exercises, starting with the “heel walk” done both forward and backward. This is done with straight legs, a straight back, and the feet flexed (pulling toes up). The skater should try to avoid the “pike” position of sticking the hips out behind. Nick follows that exercise with forward and backward walks on tip-toes. The goal again is to keep the legs straight without bending the knees.

The next exercise is the “wooden soldier” which are alternating hip raises. This exercise is initially done standstill, but then also walking backward and forward. Nick again wants the feet flexed and the legs totally straight, while lifting the foot off the floor with the hips only. The exercise can be done with the arms in frame or hoop position as well. Nick says, “That really helps them feel the hip lift that you need to get over your skating hip properly.”

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