Figure Skating Spins – Upright Spin Variation (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan teaches a class an upright forward spin variation she calls the “egg beater.”  We are not sure if this spin has a formal name and Kim makes it clear at the beginning that many skating elements have different names, depending on the location around the world.  This spin is not difficult and most lower level skaters who have mastered a basic upright and a sit spin should be able to have success with it.

[Editor’s note:  For clarity, an “egg beater” spin is often used to refer to a back upright spin where the skater catches the free foot or free leg and raises it as high as possible while keeping both legs straight. Rudy Galindo was instrumental in making this spin popular and you can see an example of it at 4:58 in this video.  Obviously the spin being taught by Kim in the video below is a different spin.]

First, Kim explains the spin and then has the class work on the position while gliding (not spinning).  Notice the focus on where to grab the free foot (blade) and knee, and then how to raise the free arm over the head.  The idea of pulling up the zipper on a jacket is helpful, especially for skaters who tend to pull back and away during any movement with the arms.  Next the class attempts the actual spin with initial success but problems on the exit.  So Kim explains what happens when the skaters release the free foot and how to prevent rocking.  She says, “Once you let go of your foot, sew your belly button to your back, and squeeze it over the ball of your foot.”  Notice the demonstrators have a tendency to let the hand over the head drift backwards too far.  The hand should be above the forehead as Kim demonstrates.


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