How To Spin In Figure Skating: Back Sit Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch works with several skaters on the back sit spin.  At the beginning of the video, Charyl discusses the issues associated with the common problem of spinning the back sit on the wrong edge (forward inside).  Solutions she discusses for this problem include dragging the toe (skating foot to stay forward on blade), pulling the skater into the spin, and waiting longer on the forward inside entrance edge and three turn.

Next Charyl discusses the importance of the arms and arm timing.  She wants the free arm to stay in front the entire time and the skating arm stays back until the skater hits their toe as part of the three turn.  A common error is releasing the skating arm too soon.

On the entry, Charyl wants the free arm and shoulder to stay in front.  She also explains in detail what’s supposed to happen with the free leg.  A common problem is to let the free leg drift to the side on the entry rather than keeping it behind.  Charyl wants the free foot behind the skating foot and relatively low to the ice with the hip slightly open.

Next Charyl discusses the timing of turning into the free leg versus dropping it.  She says that it depends on the skater.  Some skaters do it with dropping the leg slightly and then turning into it while others do both movements at the same time.  These are both correct.  Skater hip placement and movement help determine which is best for a given skater.

Charyl also offers some insights about the ideal position.  She likes the free leg slightly bent and over on the opposite side, the hands pressing down in front of the skating knee, and the back arched and shoulders over the skating knee.  (Same as front sit spin.)  Charyl notes that ideal position is dependent on the size and shape of the skater.


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