Flying Sit Spin – Part 2 (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues her discussion of the flying sit spin.  In this video, she works with another skater and shares additional insights to help those teaching and learning this advanced figure skating spin.  Here we get to see Charyl “give a lesson” and she talks with us as observers about what she sees and offers corrections to the skater.

She also explains that she wants the skaters to have forward pressure to prevent the feeling of tipping over backward.  She shows how she accomplishes this by holding on to the skater and holding some of their weight (she says “sort of like getting shot out of a cannon”).  She also talks about keeping the skaters “center” more over their skating foot.  And she wants the skater to fully straighten the landing leg prior to landing in order to fully absorb the landing.  This means the skater must have the quickness and jump height to press up off a straight leg, tuck until the upper leg is parallel with the ice, and re-straighten the leg before touching down.  Charyl uses the flying upright spin without a tuck to develop a soft landing.  She also talks about where the skater’s head should be on the flying sit spin.


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