Double Loop Jump – Corrections And Drills (Kori Ade)

Kori Ade works with a skater on double loop.  To see the preparation drills Kori used before this point, click here.  Notice the difference between the first two jump attempts, due mainly to simply pulling the arms in tighter.  Kori then focuses on arm movement to help generate more energy in the jump.  She wants the arms more “quiet” but she wants the right arm to “work” into the rotation.

To help with the end of the jump, Kori has the skater do the ‘h-backscratch-double-loop-check-out exercise.”  She wants the skater to check out with the leg only in this drill, keeping the arms in.  Kori takes a moment to explain the importance of strong landings and landing positions.  Her reference to a birthday present of a ball of mud wrapped in pretty paper is funny, and memorable.


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