Double Loop Jump Preparation And Drills (Kori Ade)

Kori Ade shares some great drills for developing the double loop.  Kori starts by observing a single loop and then a series of single loops in combination.  This combination of multiple single loops is a great tool to get a skater to stay more “right sided” (or more left sided for those landing on their left foot).  Notice Kori even uses the well known loop phrasing of keeping the left foot “on the right side of the right side.”  Kori asks for 6 in a row.  Arms are obviously important for this drill, and Kori mentions the idea of using a big fitness ball (see Chris Conte video on double loop development).

Kori then adds to the drill with a tight back scratch with a very specific exit.  The focus is on the lower body quickness in this drill of checking out with only the legs (although it also teaches counter rotation of the shoulders).  Kori says, “Quite often I’ll have the skater check just the foot out because I really want them to isolate that body part, because that has to function first.  [If] you check your arms out first [then] the whole jump falls apart.  I want the foot to come out quick and the arms to maintain their air position.”

Also notice Kori’s focus on keeping the free foot across prior to the first loop jump.  This makes sure “her legs are already crossed and all she has to do is lift.”  This is the more modern approach than the alternative of having the free foot outside the circle.  Most top coaches are having more success with the feet crossed prior to the jump and keeping them crossed throughout.  This forces the skater to start over the skating hip and stay there throughout the entire jump (at least it raises the odds!).

The skater attempts to make the correction, but still pulls the free foot outside the circle prior to initiating the edge on the first jump.  This error is extremely common.  So Kori has the skater do a completely standstill loop jump starting with the feet crossed.  Kori covers a lot of details of this standstill drill with the skater.

The next drill is an ankle click drill to make sure the skater can get the feet together in the air.  The demonstrator cannot do this drill very well yet.  Kori has her put hands on her hips to minimize the arm issues as the skater focuses on the legs and feet.

This video offers some great ideas for building a skater’s skills prior to attempting double loops.


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