Axel Jump Preparation – With Loop Jump (Kori Ade)

Kori Ade uses triple loop as a preparation for triple axel work.  NOTE:  This concept applies to single loop for single axel, or double loop for double axel.  In this video, Kori covers important details of improving the triple loop.  Initial focus is on landing flow.

In preparation for the triple axel, Kori wants the skater to land and keep rotating in a loose version of the air position.  This is a difficult exercise, especially when using triple loop.  (It is not as challenging on single loop because a single loop rotates less than a half turn in the air.  But it is also very difficult for most skaters on double loop.)

In addition to the specifics of the exercises and jumps, Kori addresses an important coaching idea related to motivation.  She asks the skater what he needs to do before attempting the triple axel.  By giving the skater some input and not dictating the entire lesson, Kori notes that she and the skater are able to “get to a common place faster.”

Offering some additional insights regarding motivation, Kori makes it a point to let her skaters know she respects them for their efforts.  She also respects what the skaters feel about what they’re doing.  This respect goes a long way toward keeping the skaters motivated and engaged.  (This is the opposite of many coaches who yell at their students and intimidate them to motivate them.)


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