Improving a Layback Spin (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan gives a layback spin lesson. At the beginning of the lesson, Kim focuses on improving the skater’s upright position before switching to the layback. This position is critical, especially during the learning process, because it sets the upper body in a stretched position and helps the skater press the hips forward to initiate the layback. Kim recommends using her “skinny-V” position. She also addresses the skater’s exit from the spin. It’s important to maintain a strong position and allow the free leg to swing all the way around to the front before exiting.

Next, Kim works on the layback position itself, including the free leg turnout and how to align the shoulders over the skating hip. Not only are the shoulders over the skating hip, but the free foot is directly behind the skating side glute muscle. Notice the tendency by the skater to drop the free shoulder and let it drift back when attempting to fix the alignment, and how Kim corrects it. From the beginning of the lesson to the end, the improvement in the layback is significant.

[NOTE: The audio in this video is not ideal, but the information is valuable and there really isn’t a problem understanding Kim. Thank you for your understanding.]


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