Pancake Sit Spin Lesson (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan works with a skater on her pancake spin.  We join this lesson in progress after initial work on entry and the basic sit spin.  The skater performs a pancake where she stands up almost all the way between the basic sit and the pancake.  Kim wants the skater to keep the pressure between the body and the skating thigh and not stand up so much.  She takes the skater off the ice and discusses the spin.

Ideally the skater should not stand up in the transition but should stay down and simply pull the free leg into the pancake position.  One important tip is to put the free leg just above the boot on the skating thigh/knee for a more stable position. The free boot should not rest on the skating leg. Kim also offers advice regarding hand and arm positions that are efficient and provide leverage. She also discusses 3 head position options.

The first part of the lesson we are not seeing here covered the entry.  Kim reminds the skater of the things they talked about and they are important.  Sweeping the skating arm around and behind prematurely does not add speed to a spin so Kim recommends just keeping it in front until the actual spin is initiated.  She also notes that you enter the spin on a deep outside edge, but you do NOT go to a strong inside edge to spin.  It’s really a flat.

After a number of attempts, the skater does a pancake as Kim wants it done.


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