Advanced Layback, Haircutter, Biellmann Spin Lesson (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan works with a long-time student on her layback spins.  There are some nice tips in this video, but one of the main benefits you’ll get from watching this video is to see the outstanding demonstrations.  The positions this skater achieves are worth modeling.

They begin with a standard layback spin.  Kim offers some instruction before the spin including where the weight stays during the spin.  After the spin she talks briefly about the spin entrance. Next up is the haircutter and the demonstration and position are excellent.  On the Biellmann Kim explains how to maintain speed and then get an increase in speed toward the top of the spin.

Prior to the final spin attempt, Kim offers advice to improve the spin entrance.  She says “you’re having trouble centering… because as you’re rising on your knee you’re rocking to the back.  Make sure you sew your belly button to the back.”  This is a great visual for keeping the core tucked in and the energy of the upper body forward.  Kim also offers one other great piece of advice that even advanced skaters need to be constantly reminded about.  During position changes, it’s so easy to focus on the position change and not prepare for it in advance.  Kim says, “Anticipate it.  Make sure you have your weight where your baby toe is.”


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