Layback Spin Lesson – Fixing the Basics, Part 1 (Kim Ryan)

Figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan gives a layback lesson to a skater as part of a spin seminar.  The skater does a layback with many fundamental errors which Kim identifies and then offers solutions for.

A layback spin should have a straight skating leg and Kim spends quite a bit of time working with the skater on understanding and feeling the proper position of the free leg in the attitude position (lower leg laying on a short table). She also focuses on the need to press the hips forward and to bend from the lower part of the back.

Many skaters, including the demonstrator in this video, only feel comfortable bending from the upper back.  Kim uses the description of the limbo dance to dramatically press the hips forward. Skaters that cannot or will not press the hips forward won’t have a good layback spin, because to properly balance the arched upper body, the hips must be pressed way forward.

Kim also spends some time explaining the layback spin exit she prefers.


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