Back Sit Spin Tips (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan shares a number of valuable tips for improving a back sit spin.  Some of the tips will help improve any backspin entry.  Kim says, “The trouble with most people’s back spins are their entries.”  She discusses the common problem of what she calls “the wiggle” or “train tracking” where the skater is often on 2 feet and does not generate any edge pressure on either inside edge.

To correct this, Kim has the skater use the following entrance: forward crossovers in the spin direction, strong inside edge on opposite circle with the body forward, then step onto a strong inside edge for the actual entry edge.  To correct another common problem of not riding the entrance edge long enough, Kim tells the skater to “make use that the entry edge makes a letter C.”  The body forward on the inside preparation edge is important, but many skaters actually lean back at this point. Kim also offers tips for the arms.


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