IJS Spin Gateways – Opposite Direction – Part 1 (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan teaches a class opposite direction spins. She begins by explaining the new concept of spin gateways in IJS and notes that opposite direction is a gateway. [Editor’s note: We do not in general have videos detailing IJS rules at iCoachSkating, as the rules are constantly changing. This video was recorded in April 2023 so use your judgement in determining whether this information is still current at the time you are watching this video. The information about how to perform opposite direction spins, however, is timeless.]

Kim briefly explains the opposite direction drill where the skater exits each spin on a back inside edge in order to easily step forward for the next spin in the opposite direction. She notes that teaching this early in a skater’s development creates important overall skating skills. Before proceeding, Kim goes over the basics of sit spins and camel spins and her expectations. For those who are familiar with Kim’s methods, this is a great and efficient review. Notice that Kim is not focused yet on having the skaters spin in their opposite direction, and the skill level of this class is relatively low for sit spins and camel spins.


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