Drill for Victory Spin or Y-Spin (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan shares a drill she uses to help skaters with the basics of a “victory spin” which is also known as a Y-spin. This spin is an upright spin with the free leg held up to roughly head height with the free arm. The grab is usually at the ankle but some skaters do grab the skate. The free leg is typically off to the side, rather than in front of the skater for this spin.

A major problem almost all skaters have learning this spin is the overwhelming tendency to slow down and to change where they are balanced on the blade during the spin. The drill Kim shows in this video helps skaters get used to spinning fast and staying on the correct part of the blade, without worrying or focusing on the fully extended position. This is a great drill for those who already have the flexibility to do a Y-spin but can’t seem to get any speed, and it’s also perfect for skaters who want to learn a Y-spin but do not yet have the necessary flexibility.


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