Create a Spin (Kim Ryan)

During a spin clinic, figure skating spin specialist Kim Ryan asks a low level class to create their own spins.  So much of figure skating is dominated by coaches telling skaters what to do, leaving little or no room for fun or creativity.  This kind of exercise is therefore foreign to many of the skaters in the class.  Some are clearly uncomfortable, while others openly embrace the challenge.  Kim adds to the creative challenge by requesting that they create names for their spins as well.

For the challenge, Kim allows the skaters some time to create a spin, then asks them to showcase each spin for the entire class.  During the editing process, we’ve kept the majority of the spins performed by the class since this exercise is about creativity, and we can all learn from the creative attempts of others.  To make this kind of exercise successful, the coach must be tremendously supportive and you can see that Kim is just that.

To end the video, Kim talks with the class about how much time they should invest in their spinning as part of their overall training.


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