Basic Layback Spin Tips (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan works with a skater to improve a layback spin. Kim starts the lesson by discussing the details of centering the upright spin before entering the layback position. This provides a great summary of Kim’s basic spin system. Kim not only explains this to the skater, but also draws a diagram on the ice to ensure clarity. One observation that is easy to overlook is on the wind-up. Kim says, “Can you over-wind going into a spin? Yes you can.” She recommends making an “L” with the arms to prevent this problem. She also gives a nice summary of her “skinny-V” concept for centering a spin.

For the layback, Kim offers tips for keeping the hips and shoulders level, which typically also helps with centering and spin speed. She says, “Stack your right side (free site) higher than your left (skating side)” because so many skaters naturally drop the free side in a layback. The layback attempt at 5:10 in the video is the most complete example in this video of what Kim is shooting for.


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