Front Layover Camel (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch explains and demonstrates how she would teach a front layover camel to a proficient spinner. Obviously, skaters need a consistent front camel spin before they can really work on this. Charyl describes an initial position of reaching forward with the skating side arm in a front camel and balancing the spin with the free side shoulder pulled back and up. The goal is to get the shoulders at a 90 degree angle to the ice.

Next, Charyl has the skater balance at the wall in the camel position and works on the layover position. She wants the head to rest on the skating side arm. The demonstrator in the video shows a common problem for those working on this spin of dropping to a strong inside edge (rather than a flat). Charyl addresses this by pulling the heel of the skating foot more into the circle. The goal is to stack the hips.

Different arm positions can also help many skaters get into the correct position, and Charyl offers an example. But as she notes, keeping the skater on the right part of the blade is probably the most important part.  Charyl uses the end of the video to discuss the overall position in terms of how it is called in IJS and what she would focus on with a skater to develop complete mastery.


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