Layover Camel Position Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch explains how to create a layover camel from a standard back camel position (from various entries including flying camel). She explains in detail the transition and movements needed by the skater. She notes, “Ahhh! It’s scary.” The first layover position Charyl shows typically allows the skater to create a lot of rotational torque. But Charyl also shows a second option with both hands behind the back.

Charyl notes that one of the biggest keys to doing layover camels is to remain on the same part of the blade as a normal back camel. She says, “It’s not a different spin. It’s a different position.” She explains further, “You want to try to get the motion happening from your waist and your shoulders and not from dropping down. It’s just more of a twist.” Charyl also shows a way to develop the layover position safely at the wall. Notice Charyl’s focus on pressing on the toe pick for stability (good safety tip!). In the demonstration, you can clearly see the skater move the arms as Charyl initially recommends.

Charyl also spends a minute discussing layover camels from the front camel spin. This are much less common and generally much harder although some skaters can do them. Charyl covers some of the nuances involved.

At the end, Charyl discusses the age-old problem of getting dizzy. She says, “You’re always going to get dizzy spinning. That’s the nature of it.” To minimize dizziness, Charyl recommends trying to close the eyes in layovers and laybacks. She also discusses how to rapidly get over being dizzy after a spin.


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