Change of Edge Camel Spin (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch shares how she teaches a change edge camel spin. This is a forward camel spin (blade skating backward, technically on an inside edge) that switches edge and skating direction (blade skating forward, technically on outside edge). As Charyl notes, this spin is difficult and it usually requires considerable practice to master.

To help skaters learn this spin, Charyl uses 2 exercises. The first is a back inside three-turn to a forward camel. This drill simulates the change in balance required for the change edge camel, as well as the necessary 3-turn. Notice how the skating foot must be pressed “forward” to get this transition to occur. The other drill is simply an upright spin with a change of edge. This second drill is not as effective as you might imagine as the balance of the body is significantly different for the camel versus the upright. But it does help the skater understand the transition.

The tips Charyl offers regarding the upper body and arms will be very helpful to many skaters and coaches. Common problems are changing edge too aggressively and being on too-deep of a forward outside edge (which creates large spin circles). This is often a result of shifting the weight too far back on the blade.


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