Flying Back Sit Spin from Forward Inside Edge (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives a lesson on the flying back sit spin from a forward inside edge take-off to a skater who has never attempted one.  This spin entry has only recently become somewhat popular as a result of the rule changes associated with IJS.  Traditionally it was not popular because it is very difficult to make this flying spin spectacular.  It is quite difficult to add significant energy from the free leg to the jump so this spin entry typically has less height and less rotational energy.

Many coaches have never attempted one of these spins or even attempted to teach one.  So this lesson should help those considering this “new” spin entry.

Charyl begins with a simple backspin entrance from the forward inside entry edge.  She then adds a small hop at the end of the entry edge.  She talks about timing and edge pressure and arm movement.  Charyl notes that a good way to get skaters to feel the tuck without focusing on the rotation is to have them do a simple tuck loop and then apply that feeling to the spin.  Charyl says, “Do a tuck loop from a back spin entrance.”

Charyl notes that this skater lacks strength of the edge so it simply doesn’t rotate very much.  She really wants skaters to wait on the edge.  One tip she offers from experience is to allow the skater to open the hips a little and keep the free leg straight.  Charyl notes that this is easier than a regular flying sit because it’s easier to get the free leg in front (the skater rotates into the free leg, rather than away from it).

With the last couple demonstrations, Charyl wants the skater to push first and then tuck.  Many skaters will focus on the tuck and the landing before launching fulling into the air.


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