Jump Lesson – Double Salchow (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade gives a young skater a lesson on the double salchow.  The video starts with the skater doing a single salchow that Kori likes well-enough to ask for a double attempt (“with crossed feet on the way down”).  The primary problem for this skater is “opening” or uncrossing the feet while in the air.  This behavior is extremely common among skaters learning a double salchow (usually the “first” double they learn).  This issue is almost always the result of fear, and Kori provides a fantastic way to work through it in this lesson.

Kori offers some important coaching advice.  Sometimes coaches share lots of ideas with a skater about all the different things that are wrong with the jump.  But very few skaters can correct more than one issue at a time, so it makes sense to have a “primary goal” that the skater can focus on.

To address the “unhooking” of the feet, Kori has the skater practice landing with the axis leg first but also putting the other foot down.  This skater jumps to the right, so the axis leg is the left leg.  Kori wants a landing where the left foot lands first, followed immediately by touching the right foot down, still crossed, but without putting much weight on the right foot.  Much of the lesson revolves around getting the skater to build this skill correctly.


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