Double and Triple Salchow Prints – Part 2 (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna continues a presentation on the print left on the ice by a good double or triple salchow. In Part 1 of this presentation, Nick talked at length about the print and the salchow technique needed to create that print. In the short video below, Nick offers additional insights and clarifications. Nick begins by re-iterating that most good salchows using a forward outside three turn entry actually have that turn go from a flat to a flat (the straight line entry discussed in the previous video). And many skaters simply use a really large curve which makes the turn very shallow but not flat.

Nick says, “One of the things that you’ll see if you go and look at the actual three turn is it doesn’t look much like a three turn.” Sometimes it looks like a “lump”  and sometimes the skater actually “jumps” or “hops” the turn so there is no actual turn on the ice. It is common and often beneficial for skaters to jump the turn if they have very high entry speeds into a salchow. Nick encourages coaches to really take an interest in the prints their skaters make, and get familiar with what good prints look like. He says, “Don’t assume they’re doing what you think they’re doing.”


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