Triple Salchow – Believe (Chris Conte)

National figure skating coach and choreographer Chris Conte is giving a triple salchow lesson as a guest coach. At the time this video was recorded, Chris had worked very little with this skater, if at all (maybe on double axel). Although Chris does not offer this skater ANY technical advice, this is still a very important lesson to watch. At the start, Chris notes that he does not like the warm-up double salchows that this skater performs for him. But he also notes that sometimes skaters that are working on a new triple no longer (and sometimes never) have a really solid double. So he is willing to look at the triple.

It’s a good thing he does, because the skater’s technique on the triple is significantly better than the double. And Chris notes that this skater simply lacks enough repetitions and the belief in the triple. As a consulting coach, Chris is able to convince the skater to stand up on the jump and believe she can land it. The skater trusts Chris due to of his “high coaching status” which comes from being a presenter and coach at the camp.

Both coaches and skaters can take away important information from this video. This is especially true for those trying to master new skills (which is everyone!).


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