Triple Salchow Concepts (Michelle Leigh)

Olympic coach Michelle Leigh discusses some key concepts associated with the triple salchow.  She likes having skaters use a “crosscut” entrance.  In the USA this is more commonly called a salchow from “back crossovers” or from an “undercut.”  Michelle says, “I’m a real big fan of that because I think it really teaches you to be aware of the rhythm and it keeps the free leg settled down.”

Another important concept that Michelle uses is to avoid bending too deeply on the take-off edge.  As skaters “try harder” when initially attempting triples, over-bending the knee is common.  (Over-bending typically causes a sluggish take-off or one where the skater’s body is out-of-position.  It can also result in loss of jump height as the skater may not be quick enough to fully extend the jumping leg prior to lift-off.)  Michelle also focuses on head position and stillness on the jump.  She also uses a somewhat unorthodox walk-through focusing on flexing the landing foot in the air.

After an attempt where the demonstrator opened the jump early, Michelle reminds her to stay in tight.  Here Michelle uses the recent progress of the double axel to help the skater understand the air position and landing for triple salchow.


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