Double and Triple Salchow Prints (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna discusses the print left on the ice by a good double or triple salchow. This video is related to Nick’s other presentations on jump prints such as axel prints and landing prints. In this video, he starts by explaining that a good double or triple salchow rarely has an obvious three turn look. Even though skaters commonly use a “forward outside three-turn entrance” for salchow, the details of the entrance are typically more complicated. Nick strongly recommends using a very shallow if not completely flat entry and turn (check out his hitchy-coo videos). Because the exit of the turn is so flat and sometimes even on a back outside edge, some skaters think of this turn almost like a rocker.

After the turn and the skater is on a flat, the skater creates a “blurb” or a preparatory outside edge used to unbalance the body so the skater’s center of mass is clearly inside the jumping circle. This automatically puts the skater back on an inside edge which the skater can then press on strongly to create a powerful jump.  Just before take-off the skater does a tiny pivot or 3-turn at the front of the blade and takes off facing forward toward the jump landing. This leaves what Nick calls a “tail” or “toe pick mark”  (also sometimes called a “flag”) which he urges all coaches to demand from those skaters just learning single salchows.

Nick finishes by discussing common errors with the pattern, including circular patterns or incorrect flow.


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