Landing Prints and What They Mean (Nick Perna)

International coach Nick Perna talks about jump landing prints and what they mean. This video is related to Nick’s other presentations on jump prints such as axel prints. Nick begins this discussion with typical landing prints for under-rotated and down-graded jumps. There is a huge variation in prints left on the ice for cheated jumps as you’ll see in Nick’s drawings.

Next, Nick covers a clean jump landing print variation he calls the “squirrel tail.” Jumps with a squirrel tail landing are clean but land on an inside edge before switching to the correct outside edge. Nick notes that there are many possible reasons for this kind of landing, including jump axis problems (outside the circle axis), incorrect blade mountings, landing alignment errors (fix with alignment drills), and even individual physical differences (body types, shape, how knees bend and drop inward, etc). Nick says, “It can be fixed by you have to address it with skaters individually.” He likes to use slow-motion video to thoroughly understand the problems for a given situation. In the video he offers video suggestions to “see” the potential issues accurately.


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