Correcting the Edge on Flip – Fixing a “Lip” (Audrey Weisiger)

This is a very important video by World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger.  In this video, Audrey is working with a skater who has a change of edge problem on the flip jump.  In other words, rather than taking off correctly from a back inside edge, the skater takes off from a back outside edge and actually does a lutz.  (For reference, most skaters have edge problems on lutz, which is often called a “flutz.”  A flip with an edge issue is sometimes referred to as a “lip.”)

At the beginning of the lesson, Audrey focuses on where the skater comes off the blade.  A large percentage of skaters come off the very front of the blade on a lutz, so asking the skater to leave the ice from the middle to back of the blade is one way to address the problem and keep the skater on the inside edge as desired for the flip.  Next Audrey has the skater simply hop up from the middle of the blade, again to get used to changing the feeling of how the blade comes off the ice.

The next concept that Audrey uses is the skid turn.  She wants the skater to get comfortable skidding on the back inside edge, and then eventually jumping off that skid.  Notice the preparation work on the skid and then using it for the jump.  After the skater has mastered the skid in isolation, Audrey has her do the skid on a single flip.  When the skater does a single flip correctly, Audrey says, “OK, let’s do lots of those.”  Here is where repetition is important but almost everyone wants to try the double right away.  It takes time to relearn the movement.

Audrey also asks for picking in a little wider.  It is very hard to switch to an outside edge or stay on an outside edge if the feet are wide.  Because of the wide pick placement, Audrey notes that it may feel “twirly” or out of control to the skater.  Notice that both double flip attempts at the end of the video are off the correct edge.  Audrey is a genius!


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