Building a Triple Toe – Part 3 (Chris Conte)

International coach and jump specialist Chris Conte continues his lesson with a skater who wants to learn a triple toe loop. In Part 1 Chris analyzed the double and decided to work on improving the double rather than trying triples. He discussed air time and the need for more reach and more back angle. In Part 2, Chris worked on drills to improve alignment and reach, and the moment of accelerating the take-off. In this video, creates a full basic take-off walk-through drill.

Chris begins by discussing timing, and a verbal timing tool (either “lemon squeezy” or even better,  “pumpkin pie” which is used in this lesson and rhymes with “low to high”). Next he does a repeating push back and reach drill while repeating “pumpkin.” He works with the skater to fix alignment and get more lean.

He then explains after the push back and reach on “pumpkin” the pivot happens on “pie” and is followed by an internal rotation of the axis hip/foot (pigeon toe) to step down backwards in a classic two foot “alignment landing position.” The final drill is just “pumpkin pie, step down” with a pigeon toe to the backwards alignment landing. Chris inadvertently rips off the microphone while demonstrating, but has the skater repeat this drill, slowly speeding up the tempo each time.


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