Triple Toe Loop Lesson (Chris Conte)

National figure skating coach and choreographer Chris Conte is giving a triple toe loop lesson as a guest coach. This video is a continuation of the same lesson where Chris worked with this skater on the triple salchow. In this video, Chris has the skater start with a double toe loop, and he likes the skater’s setup into the jump. She uses a “rolling three push back” for her entrance, and Chris says, “Once they have it they can do anything. I like it. It’s different. Different is good if it’s correct.”

Notice how Chris is sharing his insights with us, the viewer, throughout this lesson so we can understand what he’s seeing and working on.  One valuable tip for all skaters is to avoid circling more than twice. If a skater has to circle 3 or more times, it rarely ends in a good jump attempt when working on a new jump.

Next, Chris tapes up the skater with “bacon tape” on the axis side (rotation side), and “mac and cheese tape” on the non-axis side. Chris is using this entertaining concept to drive home the point to the skater that proper alignment is critical to a good jump. Although this may seem silly to many coaches (and skaters), it is certainly unforgettable for the skater. And that’s the point. Understanding and retention. Chris is making the point that on the step and reach for the toe, the body needs to be aligned properly.

Staying with the tape concepts, Chris says, “We just want it to come through the mac and cheese side very quick for the triple. Pressure, quickness, pressure, quickness.” After some good double attempts, the triple entrance did not stay aligned correctly. This is one of the most common errors when learning a triple toe loop. One other thing to pay attention to: many skaters block the rotation with their axis-side arm. If they are aligned correctly, they should be able to release the axis side arm to help with the quickness and energy creation for the jump.


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