Triple Loop Lesson – Part 3, Changing Habits (Chris Conte)

National coach Chris Conte continues his triple loop lesson with a skater who is building a triple loop from the double. In the first part, he observed that this skater’s jump lacks quickness, particularly in the hook. In the second video, Chris shared an outstanding drill and modified it to build the take-off movement he is seeking. In this video, Chris and the skater work towards the triple but the value here is in Chris’s observations and insights.

As mentioned in the previous video, Chris likes the axis side arm to pull back strongly on the setup. This stores the most energy possible in the body position and Chris says, “Pull the rubber band back all the way.” His mantra or sing-song for the loop setup is “mohawk, set, line up, release.”

Chris wants a specific setup for the jump and because he asks for a triple, the skater does her own different setup, including placing the jump in her “comfortable” location on the ice. Chris calls this being a “slave to the pattern.” Also notice, when the skater uses Chris’s pattern, she has a long pause before the jump itself.

Chris explains why he avoids using the common rolling three turn entrance for loop. Many skaters use that entrance to feel aligned over the take-off foot and to “feel the edge first,” but as Chris notes, the timing for that setup movement is slow and does not simulate the quicker timing needed for a triple loop.


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